Selfiji cijelog svijeta žive sa sobovima

Jeste li se ikada zapitali što je sa svim onim selfijima koje ste postali na Facebook. Gdje oni to završe? Da li se rasplinu u nekoj virtualnoj stvarnosti ili su spremljeni?

What does the future have in store for us? Find out in Rovinj from September 22nd until September 25th

• American futurist Gary Whitehill to present his optimistic vision of the 21st century
• LeadingIT managers, but also teenagers to speak about the future, now
• Panel discussions on the curricular reform and digital chaos

Just two weeks before its start, the program for the 9th Weekend Media Festival was announced – the festival will once again take place in Rovinj from September 22nd until September 25th, in the old tobacco factory, under the sponsorship of Adris group.

BalCannes applications extended until September 9th!

Don’t worry! The applications for BalCannes have been extended for this year until Friday September 9th midnight. All agency people from the region who are worried if they will prepare their best projects on time can now take a breath of relief because they have nine more days to finish their video presentations.

What connects the Weekend Media Festival and the book Čaj od šljiva?

Creative strategist and an all-around artist, Lazar Džamić will be the guest of Weekend Media Festival

At the ninth edition of the Weekend Media Festival, which will take place from September 22nd until September 25th, there will be many interesting, new topics and speakers who will definitely intrigue many visitors that are expected in the old tobacco factory in Rovinj.

BalCannes revue jury presented

Zagreb, July 13th 2016. – As part of BalCannes, for the first time in the region, advertisers will choose the best projects and the best marketing agencies from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

SoMoRitanac – a new category of SoMo Borac!

SoMo Borac has created  another category – SoMoRitanac. The award will be given for the best digital campaign that has contributed to a higher purpose ( for example, raised awareness of a certain issue, helped a group in danger or contributed in solving a social problem).

Students on Weekend

This year we are also proud to enable all students that present their student ID card or grade book with free accreditations. The offer is valid for all students enrolled in the 2015/2016 academic year, including foreign students.

Where is TV Headed? Is native advertising killing journalism and how to make an ideal work surrounding?

Zagreb, April 20th 2016. – Preparations for the ninth edition of the Weekend Media Festival are fully on the way. The biggest communication festival in South Eastern Europe will be held this year from September 22nd until September 25th in the same location – the old tobacco factory in Rovinj.

No one was eaten, nor will anyone be eaten

The Who ate Whom lecture is a sort of a sequel of the 2010 story when the first discussion was held at the Weekend Media Festival. The discussion was about how large media houses, telecoms and distribution companies tend to enter each other’s area of expertise.

SoMo Borac award winners announced at Weekend Media Festival

Twenty members of the regional jury and pre-jury assembled of the media and digital professionals had a difficult task of picking the best work. The eight categories had a total of 123 submissions, and the 3D printed SoMo Borac award was also given to the finalists.

How smart can cities be? Smarter than they are now

The panel introduction was held by Schneider Electric’s Regional Director Darko Lopotar, who explained the term “smart cities”, the way that cities actually become smart and stated a couple of successful examples of smart cities in Europe.

Ad blocking isn’t a problem if you have good content

The advertising industry faces daily challenges from the modern market and a way to come closer to end users. There have been many changes in the past few year, and these changes happen so fast that they require learning and overcoming new technologies on a daily basis.

Media will not pick a side before elections, but they will try to levy topics

The leading Croatian media will not express their support to certain political options before the upcoming parliamentary elections, but some of them will not hide their stand, which will show their political preferences.

The future of reality shows is safe: it’s cheap, it fill the program and attracts an audience

Sitcoms are TV’s greatest hits. Sitcoms such as Plodovi zemlje, Big Brother and Pinkove Zvijezde, agreed all four of the “TV’s Greatest Hits” panel discussion participants. Since the participants never agreed on the greatest hit, the heads of the three commercial and one public television also had differences regarding reality shows and its content regulation.

You cannot understand consumer behaviour without market research

There is an old joke always told be advertisers: “Half of the money spent on marketing is spent in vain. The problem is we don’t know which half.”

LJ Research and Horwath HTL have shown that market research in general, especially the market segmentation, gives guidelines on how to achieve the best return of investments in marketing.

Should I Say Or Should I Go? The Opinions Differ

The sequel to last year’s panel on the same subject has brought an even more dynamic discussion in which the opposing sides were quite clear from the very start. Predrag Grubić, Corporate Communications Director at Adris Grupa, together with Korado Korlević, a Professor of Polytechnics, has been firm on his stand that the government is to blame for young people leaving Croatia, and that this problem cannot be solved without a change of conscience and the political elite.

The Golden Rules of PR from the Silicon Valley Guru

He was a PR manager and spokesperson for Sony Corporation during their pinnacle. He has extensive corporate and agency PR experience and a history of organizing very successful global PR campaigns for Sony, Apple and Pioneer.

Big Eyes of Little Spenders – What Our Children Watch

11% of children in Croatia are classified as overweight, while Europe is marking a significant increase of obesity, which is a result of inadequate nutritional habits and an absenceof physical activity.

How to survive the technological revolution in the media

The world is going through significant changes, and journalism which has so far operated in fixed models has currently been caught up in a whirlwind of changes. Shifting news to online platforms and a persevering global economic crisis have forced the journalism profession to seek out new business models and ways of financing.

Jelena Bando and Slaven Lunar Kosanović at the Weekend Art Corner

This year, the Weekend Media Festival has opened its doors to artists. They have become part of the Weekend Art Corner which was located in Garden, the main exhibition hall, on the way to the main lecture and panel stages.

The Future of Professional Photography

The title of the lecture “The Future of Professional Photography” has been boosted by the fact that professional photography (especially from 1990 until today) has not been given any real media or professional attention.

Entrepreneurial “freefall” of the famous acting duo

Entering an entrepreneurship always poses a huge risk, especially if one is entering the art sphere. Rene Bitorajac and Branko Đurić Đuro, both famous actors, have recently decided that they want to start a business, and they explained their motives and a desire to create the first private theatre in Croatia on the panel “Who’s actin’ over there”.

We will probably not need banks in the next five years

Clockwork is an online engagement agency, a group of consultants, designers and developers who always strive on finding the key issue and in some way push their Clients towards finding a solution.

Creating a global brand or Croatian Downton Abbey

Creating a high-quality and long term television series is a difficult task that requires a lot of knowledge, a large budget and some luck. Creating a series that will make it on a global level is something completely different.

Caspar Schlickum

Tell us about Xaxis, what are your duties? Which features and services does it provide?

I am the CEO of Xaxis EMEA, and in this role I am responsible for managing the operations and leading the strategic development of the Xaxis business across the region.

Piero Poli: The Middle East is digital market developing quickly

Piero Poli is the General Manager of Havas Worldwide in Dubai, and he came to Rovinj to participate at the 8th Weekend Media Festival in order to present how the communication business looks like in a city that has become one of the new global business centres and power in a very short amount of time.

New communication platform for Croatian tourism revealed

Ratomir Ivičić, Director of the Croatian Tourist Board presented the new communication platform for Croatian tourism at the “Mediterranean as it should (not) be” panel. Hundreds of Festival visitors could see the first visuals of the new campaign, as well as a short film which explained how the new concept “Croatia, Full of Life”, came to be.

MediaNet investigated: the most popular journalists are Bago, Šprajc and Kopljar

The most popular journalists in Croatia in 2015, according to the general public are Mislav Bago, Zoran Šprajc and Saša Kopljar, it was announced at the Weekend Media Festival. MediaNet, a company for media research and analysis from Zagreb has once again conducted the research at a representative sample of 1000 adults throughout Croatia.

Katarina Kostić: We are Watching you Watching

The media tend to offer a great possibility of targeting on the principle “right here, right now” on a daily basis. There are more contextual messages and media, the personalization of porta web pages is greater, all for a closer and more relevant connection with the consumers.

Lynn Montgomery: How to get best out of Generation Y?

Generation Y, as the latest generation of work capable young people, is often encountered with problems at the workplace despite extremely high potentials and they have a hard time finding jobs that really interest them.

Uber is definitely coming to Croatia and Serbia, but is still looking for local solutions

Uber is definitely coming to Croatia and Serbia, Zagreb and Belgrade to be exact, because our goal is to be wherever people need a safe and affordable transport, confirmed Uber’s Anthony le Roux, General Manager for Eastern Europe at the 8th Weekend Media Festival.

How to use Twitter in advertising

Simplicity and conciseness of Twitter have won over the world of social media, where it has held the title of the most popular social media, along with Facebook and Instagram. It is precisely because of its format, and the brevity of messages on Twitter, that advertising becomes a completely different challenge in comparison to other social media.

Life after 7:30 – informative program timeslot less important

Timeslot changes of central informative news shows on Croatian national television networks have not affected the ratings, because the news today are consumed throughout the day on digital platforms, and the central news shows can only compete with additional content, not the timeslot – agreed the leading people of informative programs of HRT, RTL and Nova TV.

8th Weekend Media Festival opened in Rovinj

The eighth Weekend Media Festival, the largest gathering of the regional communication industry, has opened its doors at the old tobacco factory in Rovinj. In the next two days, under the sponsorship of Adris grupa, 4000 participants will be able to choose from over 60 lectures, panels, presentations, workshops and concerts, as well as hang out all day, exchange ideas and develop new projects.