Ivan Stanković

Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade, Professor (Serbia)

Petak 22/09/2017 17:30
Laboratory Stage


Ivan has been present in the advertising business since 1979, which is what makes him one of the oldest and most experienced industry people in the region. He is the founder of an innovative approach to working with multinational clients in all countries of the region, as well as the leader of a new, modern approach and introduction of international know-how in media planning and usage. He is a lecturer present at many global conferences, including Weekend Media Festival, where he is an active participant from the very beginning where he is well known for his noted performances. Last year he hosted Hard Talk with Željko Mitrović. Ivan is a professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, and this year he has lectured at the MBA program at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. His agencies have won numerous domestic and international prizes, and Ivan personally is a winner of many accolades. In 2010 and 2011 he received the Grand Slam award for total creative opus.


What Women Want

We live in a time of tremendous changes when the role and importance of women in the modern world is changing dramatically. Women will (formally) become superior beings that will rule and dominate the world. Due to these changes, we must ask ourselves how will men survive. Will men even be necessary when THEY can do everything without THEM: enjoy themselves, make money, spend money, have children, get married…? How should men communicate with such a powerful group is the subject matter of this presentation, and we will also present the new 5E concept which makes it easier to reach the modern consumer.


Ida Prester

TV Host/Musician (Croatia/Serbia)