Mary Gestrin

Nordic Council of Ministers, Head of Communications (Denmark)

Petak 22/09/2017 13:30
Nordics Exposed Stage


Mary Gestrin is Head of Communications at the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Council - the organisations for official cooperation between the governments and parliaments of Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. Her working field is where the ministers and parliamentarians are, and her job is to make political decisions comprehensible, and to show their relevance for the inhabitants of the Nordic countries. Nordic values and solutions can be an inspiration for those who live outside the Nordics as well, and international branding of the Nordics is another important part of Mary's portfolio. Before joining the Nordic cooperation, Mary worked at The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle in many different roles; as Head of Internet, Head of the Swedish language Media, and Commissioning Editor and as Head of Factual Programmes. Mary is Finnish, but currently she lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The Nordics - An Unknown Role Model

What is Nordic cooperation and why should it be interesting for others? When the the situation in the world seems getting more and more complicated and the future gets increasingly hard to predict, it's sometimes wise to look more closely at solutions that have turned out to be good. Nordic cooperation, formally organised as the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers, is one of those. Mary Gestrin, head of communications for both organisations, will talk about why the cooperation started, why it gets more and more relevant, and why other parts of the world should be interested.


Ida Prester

TV Host/Musician (Croatia/Serbia)