A jubilee gathering of creative loiterers will take place in Rovinj


Zagreb, July 5th, 2017. – The town of Rovinj and its Old tobacco factory will once again, for the tenth year in a row, host thousands of curious attendants open for new knowledges and experiences from the communication industry. From September 21st until September 24th, the halls and surrounding areas of the Weekend Media Festival will be filled with relentless discussions, new trend presentation but also a relaxed atmosphere of creative loitering which made the Rovinj-based festival famous in the first place.

“When we were first starting out, we never even dreamed that there would be a tenth year, let alone we never imagined how we would mark it. We are experiencing this jubilee as a start of a new era, a new episode of an exciting show that will last for seasons. We don’t feel like we’re ten years older, we feel like we are ten creative years richer, and we hope that everyone in Rovinj will also get to experience that feeling”, stated Tomo Ricov, Weekend Media Festival Director.

For the past ten years, Weekend Media Festival has been under general sponsorship from Adris Grupa, whose Director of Corporate Communications, Predrag Grubić, believes that the festival’s concept of creative loitering –  not forgetting the time and location – is the secret of its success.

“When a social happening or process lasts for over ten years, it becomes a literal cultural fact, and cultural facts in settled societies commit to learning more. There is no doubt that Weekend Media Festival will, after its ten years, enable curious minds to research this social and media phenomenon, but also make some brave steps into the media and communications industry”, stated Predrag Grubić.

While presenting the lecturers and panelists on the tenth festival edition, Program Director Nikola Vrdoljak stated that: “Our choice of lecturers and subjects needs to send a message that there are positive examples in the world that we need to look up to. We have always tried, and sometimes even succeeded, to inform the public about the latest trends, to promote cooperation between creatives, but also society. This year we will introduce some new subjects with highly relevant speakers, that are very important for both the communication industry and other market players.”

One of the panels is dedicated to the phenomenon of creative loitering and the implementation of the concept at the Weekend Media Festival, while other will deal with the sought-out trend of moving production to “on demand” television.

The growing influence of Google and Facebook on the global advertising market will also be a subject at a panel discussion, as well as the future of transport and the effect of new digital platforms like Uber. There will also be a discussion about the state of free press in the region, the effect of politics and business on the media, which will go great with the panel about the communication aspect of the Agrokor crisis.

Part of the program of the Weekend jubilee edition will be dedicated to Nordic countries which are in many ways, considered to be the epitome of development, innovative technologies and regional cooperation. The foundations of this cooperation have been set in 1952 when the Nordic Council was founded, and we will be able to find out more about it from Mary Gestrin. Northern Europe’s biggest music gathering, Roskilde Festival, will be presented by Dennis Kirkebæk and Martin Hjorth Frederiksen along with amazing video and photo materials, statistics and interesting festival trivia.

Petra Theman, Head of Public Diplomacy at the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will present a highly successful communication project about the first set of a country’s emojis. Onny Eikhaug of the Norwegian Centre for Arts and Architecture, along with Jamie Brooker, founder of the Norwegian startup Kahoot!, will show us how Kahoot! used inclusive design to improve education, where attendants will actually be able to play a Kahoot! game or two.

When you post a selfie on Facebook in Berlin, or write a status update in Zagreb, they will most probably end up in the city of Luleå in the north of Sweden, where the first Facebook dana center outside the US is located. Anders Granberg, Executive Director or Node Pole regional agency will explain why Facebook chose Northern Sweden and why the region is now called the Node Pole. Thomas Raeymaekers, Sports Director and Team Ambassador of the Team Novo Nordisk junior cycling team will show us how to be a top athlete while battling diabetes. Thomas was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 17 years old, but that has not stopped him to fulfill his dream and finish the Tour of Turkey race.

The tenth edition of the festival will once again host the BalCannes regional revue and the SoMo Borac awards ceremony. This is the sixth year that BalCannes is held at the festival, but this year the jury will be the largest so far. The jury will consist out of 25 client, agency and media representatives and it will be really interesting to see how the jury, made of various areas of expertise, functions together. The BalCannes applications are open for all agencies until September 1st. The digital SoMo Borac award will feature two new categories: SoMo Web in which the best website is awarded, and SoMo App in which the best mobile application is given a prize. The regional jury has also expanded, and another new feature is that there will be an application, find out more at  www.somoborac.com.

The musical program has always been one of the strongest points of Weekend Media Festival, and this year, around 4500 participants can expect surprises fitting for a jubilee edition. Applications for the tenth Weekend Media Festival are in full swing, and seat numbers are limited! Find out more at http://2017.weekendmediafestival.com.

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