A jubilee with a window into the future: STEM potential, a state without clientelism and changes in advertising

• Key topics of the conference part of the festival include the communication of the Agrokor crisis, the effect of business and politics on the media, development of a digital society and new business models

• Friday is reserved for the Nipplepeople, Nik Orosi & Pill Jackson, while Neno Belan & Fiumens take the stage on Saturday

Zagreb, September 5th, 2017 – The future brought on by STEM, how to free the state of clientelism, contemporary music: from the Ramones to Rozga, psychology and experience design, art as the future of advertising … and many other interesting themes will be presented to the participants of the jubilee edition of the Weekend Media Festival. The tenth edition of this largest regional communications festival will be held in Rovinj, from September 21st until September 24th, in the old Tobacco factory under the sponsorship of Adris Group.

“The past ten years have passed incredibly quick, and we are extremely proud that Weekend has become a place where, along with the latest topics and good atmosphere, people from the communication industry of the entire region are all coming together. We have raised this tenth edition to a level that is worthy of a jubilee, which means that this year we will not lack in interesting panels, attractive lecturers and accompanying content, “stated Festival Director, Tomo Ricov.

05.09.2017., Zagreb – Konferencija za medije povodom 10. izdanja WEEKEND MEDIA FESTIVALA koji ce se ove godine odrzati od 21. do 24.9. u Rovinju. Photo: Jurica Galoic/PIXSELL

The strong bond between Rovinj and Weekend Media Festival was highlighted by Predrag Grubić, Head of Corporate Communications for the main sponsor, Adris Group: „What is the secret of the festivals success? The answer is not obvious, one might say it was the concept, or choice of location and weather that brought it all together. Rovinj and the old factory are highly inspirational locations and a challenge to creatives of all kinds, but I firmly believe that perseverance for the concept of creative loitering is what attracts thousands of young and creative people to come to Rovinj on the last breath of summer. Along with great content – both educational and entertaining, hundreds of lectures, panels and discussions – as well as the absence of juries and judging, politicians and their beloved photo-ops – this has all contributed to the success and longevity of this unique project. “

Some of the highlights of the tenth edition will be the panel STEM j’taime: The Future Has Already Started, where entrepreneur Nenad Bakić, innovator Mate Rimac and HT Board member Boris Drilo will present the importance of the popularization of STEM education and a development of digital society. The panelists will offer relevant knowledge and experience from their perspective and hopes of helping Croatia transform itself into a digitally successful STEM economy.

05.09.2017., Zagreb – Konferencija za medije povodom 10. izdanja WEEKEND MEDIA FESTIVALA koji ce se ove godine odrzati od 21. do 24.9. u Rovinju. Photo: Jurica Galoic/PIXSELL

„The permanently interesting Agrokor theme will be dealt with in great details at one of the panels where we will analyze the communication of the crisis of the largest regional company. The panel Is Croatia Really Going Forward will deal with the thesis that there are two Croatias – a clientelist one that wants to keep the existing economic model and an open one that wants a more advanced economy. Many professional lecturers will share their knowledge and stance as well as start discussions which will long after be a topic of many conversations “, stated Program Director Nikola Vrdoljak.

Jonathan Calvert of The Sunday Times, the man responsible for the disclosure of the largest football scandal will tell us all about this experience, and Google’s own Dominik Osterholt will introduce us to the transformation of Google from a search engine to a company that engages in AI development.

05.09.2017., Zagreb – Konferencija za medije povodom 10. izdanja WEEKEND MEDIA FESTIVALA koji ce se ove godine odrzati od 21. do 24.9. u Rovinju. Photo: Jurica Galoic/PIXSELL

The current topic of freedom of the press will be discussed on the House of Cards panel, where panelists will talk about the effects of politics and business on the media and whether companies use advertising budgets to influence the media.

One of the panels will be dedicated to the concept of creative loitering and the implementation of the concept at the Weekend Media Festival, while the panel „Life in Duopoly Times “will deal with the growing influence of Google and Facebook on the global advertising stage. In one of the most entertaining panels, which paraphrases the famous title „Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Too Afraid to Ask “will host provocative panelists and an attractive discussion on the „neighborhood “brand.

Participants will also be able to attend various workshops and gain new insights in the areas of infographics and visual storytelling, Instagram, Mindfulness and find out how to connect TV ads with digital ads on Google and Facebook.

BalCannes and SoMo Borac applications are still open

The sixth BalCannes will welcome all marketing people and showcase the best 25 regional projects chosen by the jury made of 25 client, agency and press members – the biggest one so far. SoMo Borac will present the best digital projects in multiple categories for the fifth year in a row, and applications are still open until Friday, September 8th.

Nipplepeople, Nik Orosi & Pill Jackson will shake up Friday, and Neno Belan & Fiumens will cover Đavoli

After serious topics and dynamic discussions, it’s time for some fun to mark the tenth anniversary of the festival. It all starts on Thursday, September 21st with a huge opening party and a surprise live act. Friday, September 22nd will follow up with Sajsi MC by Lampshade Media, after which Jägermeister will proudly present „Probudit ću se sutra “: Nipplepeople, Nik Orosi & Pill Jackson. The grand finale of the jubilee edition, on Saturday September 23rd will feature a true musical treat: Neno Belan and Fiumens who will play Đavoli.

Applications for the 10th Weekend Media Festival are still open, and considering it is a jubilee tenth edition of the festival, organizers are expecting over 4500 participants. Find out more at: wekendmediafestival.com.