Where is TV Headed?

Where is TV Headed? Is native advertising killing journalism and how to make an ideal work surrounding?

Zagreb, April 20th 2016. – Preparations for the ninth edition of the Weekend Media Festival are fully on the way. The biggest communication festival in South Eastern Europe will be held this year from September 22nd until September 25th in the same location – the old tobacco factory in Rovinj. The main Sponsor of the Weekend Media Festival is Adris Grupa.

Once again, the Weekend Media Festival will host over 4000 media and communication professionals, who will, during the three days of the festival held in five parallel stages, discuss the most current topics from the world of media, PR, marketing and the entire communication industry.

Among the topics that will be discussed on this year’s Weekend, we can highlight the panel „Where is TV Headed?“. The television market is going through significant changes and digitalization has a decisive influence on its future development. The increase of online video and OTT platforms are changing the way we receive content and how we consume it. Online video has increased the total consummation and become a complementary medium to television, but the big changes are right around the corner. At the Festival, the leading media and communication experts will discuss how these changes will affect television networks, who are the new players on the markets and what do these changes mean to the end users.

Another topics that has been starting numerous discussion is native advertising which as part of content marketing has shown significant growth in the past few years. Compared to this growth, native is a product that has triggered much controversy. On one hand, many are happy because they finally have a model that can bring new profit to the media; while on the other hand, many see the end of journalism in native advertising. The Weekend is preparing a panel on what native advertising actually is and if it marks the end of journalism or if it might be media’s savior.

The Weekend Media Festival will also host a plethora of international speakers. One of them will be Zrinka Lovrenčić, the managing director of „Great Place to Work“ in Australia. Zrinka will hold a lecture about a unique model which helps companies create „a great place to work for their employees“while simultaneously increasing shareholder returns.