The power of investigative journalism at Weekend Media Festival: Everything you wanted to know about the scandal that brought down the largest football empire

Zagreb, September 15, 2017. – After months of research and millions of pages on corruption and FIFA, Jonathan Calvert and his colleagues from The Sunday Times uncovered the largest scandal in the history of football. It was the end of FIFA as we knew it. Calvert will talk about his 12 years of experience as the head of the research team and about taking down the high- ranking officials of the football organization at his lecture „The Journalism That Exposed Football as The Dirty Game “.

We will also find out what’s new at Google and how to adjust your job for the „Age of Assistance„ at the „Google What’s Next“ lecture and Dominik Osterholt, leader of the Google Digital Academy program. Today, mobile is the initiator of growth for almost any business, and Osterholt will show the most important advantages and best practices that digital advertisers should follow in order to stay ahead of the game and use all the opportunities of a mobile-fist world.

Hans Martin Megard, Executive Director of Scandinavian Design Group, will show how sustainability can simultaneously be a challenge and an opportunity and how smart agencies use UN sustainable goals as brand building tools. The McCann Group will also bring us Srđan Šaper, who will talk to Festival Director Tomo Ricov about current advertising, politics and musical topics.

The fun history of your favorite 10-year old will be featured in a short film by Robert Knjaz and his distinctive style. You will finally be able to find out just how much alcohol was consumed in the past ten years, how many lectures were held, how an old abandoned factory became the best place for events, who is to blame for the festival’s biggest scandal, and which one of the founders likes to copy Bajaga’s style.

The tenth Weekend Media Festival will take place at the old tobacco factory from September 21st until September 24th, under the general sponsorship of Adris Grupa. The festival’s first decade marked almost 45.000 participants, 1.000 speakers, 35.000 media, advertising and PR professionals, 3.500 students and 5.000 journalists from the entire region.

Weekend is not only reserved for lectures and discussions, it is also a place of the best parties and networking which will be raised to a new level this year. The festival’s relaxed atmosphere will contribute to a carefully designed music program which has always been one of its strong sides. It will be the perfect way to celebrate Weekend’s tenth anniversary, and there will be no lack of surprises.