At Weekend Media Festival, we finally get to find out what women want

Women are the most powerful consumer group, yet many industries ignore or approach them in a completely wrong way

Zagreb, June 1st 2017 – Women are the decision makers when it comes to purchasing in about 90 percent of time. Regardless of who the buyer is, their advice – or veto – is crucial when reaching a decision. As much as 61 percent of household budgets in the United States is in women’s hands, and they have also take over in industries that are still perceived as strictly male. Even 47 percent of gamers are actually female. Nevertheless, the communication strategy of many industries refuses to adapt to women, and those who have tries have often failed miserably.

“It is a fact that men are hold the Creative Director position in 90 out of 100 advertising agencies in the United States. And men don’t really understand women, which often leads to inappropriate communication which is, in return, rejected by women”, explains Ivan Stanković, founder and president of Communis, a regional agency from Belgrade.

At this year’s 10th Weekend Media Festival, at his lecture “How to please women”, Stranković will try and point out new challenges facing the industry as a result of an increasing domination by women in the consumer segment. He will present his communication concept 5E, which should help reach the female target and finally answer the eternal question: what do women want? The letters “E” in the concept mark the five unavoidable steps in Stanković’s communication strategy: excess, entertain, emotion, experience and engagement.

“For a while now, I have represented the thesis that our profession needs radical changes, otherwise we might see the end of us. As part of my 5E concept, the first step is simple: instead of the letter “A” in “advertising”, we need to put the letter “E”. The letter “E” marks the usage of everything that is connected to new digital media consummation, and, even more important, it is the basis that every communication must have emotions. In an abundance of information, consumers tend to go with the simplest option – binary. They either like something or they don’t. That is why it is crucial to create emotions through communication”, concluded Stanković.

The largest communication festival in Southeast Europe will be held from September 21st until September 24th in the old tobacco factory in Rovinj under the general sponsorship of Adris grupa. In the past ten years, the festival has welcomed over 50.000 participants: 1.000 speakers, 40.000 media, marketing and PR experts, 4.000 students and 5.500 accredited journalists from the region. In these ten years, it was the first festival that introduced many top trends such as mobile advertising, native advertising, digitalization, programmatic and blockchain technology.

Weekend is not only reserved for lectures and discussions, it is also a place of the best parties and networking which will be raised to a new level this year. The festival’s relaxed atmosphere will contribute to a carefully designed music program which has always been one of its strong sides. It will be the perfect way to celebrate Weekend’s tenth anniversary, and there will be no lack of surprises.