What connects the Weekend Media Festival and the book Čaj od šljiva?

What connects the Weekend Media Festival and the book Čaj od šljiva?
Creative strategist and an all-around artist, Lazar Džamić will be the guest of Weekend Media Festival

At the ninth edition of the Weekend Media Festival, which will take place from September 22nd until September 25th, there will be many interesting, new topics and speakers who will definitely intrigue many visitors that are expected in the old tobacco factory in Rovinj. One of the is the man who discusses the cultural meaning of Alan Ford in the ex-Yugoslavia territory as well as faithfully rendering the differences and stereotypes of Serbian and British society in a simple yet refined manner.

Lazar Dzamic

He is Lazar Džamić, an icon of the journalist and business circles, but also a versatile artist who is hard to describe in just a couple of sentences. A professional journalist, editor and radio director, a columnist in the daily newspapers, author of many magazine articles, a renowned marketing expert, but before all an outgiving and warm person with plenty to teach. He will share his experience this fall with the Weekend Media Festival guests, the largest communication festival in Southeastern Europe which is organized under the general sponsorship of Adris group.

Lazar has an extremely rich lively and professional experience and his life has taken him from Belgrade to London where he is currently creating digital strategies for leading global companies such as Glenfiddich, Waitrose, the GAP and many others. For the last few years he has also cooperated with the leading global and British brands on projects that span from research and informational architecture to the creation of creative and eCRM strategies. Until recently, he has led a brand strategy team at Google’s think-tank – the ZOO in London. All this is telling us that this lecture will require extra seats because we are dealing with a truly versatile professional.

As a marketing consultant, Lazar has written seven book with various subjects, one of them being a very interesting article collection that he wrote in London for two years for the Belgrade-based „Novi magazine“ called „Čaj od šljiva“. In this book he shows us stereotypes, differences and similarities as well as the specifics of the Serbian and British culture. Lazar’s other work is a book about Alan Ford and the cultural significance of his popularity in the former Yugoslavia. „Cvjećarnica u kući cveća“ represents a sentimental reading in which Lazar, in a very lucid manner, tries to reconstruct why this comical saga about a group of TNT secret agents and Number 1 became so mega popular in Yugoslavia and nowhere else.