Meet the Finnish emojis at Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj

A total of 62 emojis are the first national set of symbols and a basis of the Finnish PR campaign that has received a multitude of international awards

Zagreb, May 19th 2017. – There are no polar bears walking around Finland, but Santa Claus is a Finnish citizen. It is also true that Finns have a word for drinking at home, in complete solitude and one’s underwear – kalsarikännit. The many unusual customs, emotions and favorite swearwords as well as myths have been transformed into one of the most successful digital PR campaigns which has receive a plethora of international awards. You can find out how they made it happen by participating at the tenth edition of the Weekend Media Festival.

The basis of the campaign are 62 emojis which represent Finland in a likeable and ironic way, making a national set of emoji symbols that can be downloaded to a smartphone have been seen by over 250 million people worldwide. The emojis will be presented in Rovinj by Petra Theman, Director of Public Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and Head Secretary of the Finnish Promotional Committee.

“Finland has many advantages, as well as some weaknesses, just like any country. The approach to communicating the country brand in such an honest and authentic way has attracted unbelievable interest and many new contacts and cooperation”, stated Petra Theman, whose lecture on this project and the country’s digital branding carries the name “Finnish emojis, a case study analysis of today’s digital diplomacy”.

The largest communication festival in Southeast Europe will be held from September 21st until September 24th in the old tobacco factory in Rovinj under the general sponsorship of Adris grupa.

In the past ten years, the festival has welcomed over 50.000 participants: 1.000 speakers, 40.000 media, marketing and PR experts, 4.000 students and 5.500 accredited journalists from the region. In these ten years, it was the first festival that introduced many top trend such as mobile advertising, native advertising, digitalization, programmatic and blockchain technology.

Weekend is not only reserved for lectures and discussions, it is also a place of the best parties and networking which will be raised to a new level this year. The festival’s relaxed atmosphere will contribute to a carefully designed music program which has always been one of its strong sides. It will be the perfect way to celebrate Weekend’s tenth anniversary, and there will be no lack of surprises.