Weekend Media Festival reveals how to maximize your employee potential

Zagreb, June 3rd 2016  – Great Place to Work is the world’s largest management consulting company that works with market leaders, governments, non-government organizations as well as non-profit organizations –  and it is coming to the ninth edition of the Weekend Media Festival.

The largest communication festival in South Eastern Europe will once again take place in the old tobacco factory in Rovinj, from September 22nd until September 25th. The General Sponsor of Weekend Media Festival is once again, Adris grupa.

This year, the Weekend Media Festival will also host over 4,000 media and communication professionals who will discuss current topics from the world of media, PR, marketing and the entire communications industry in just three days and 5 parallel conference rooms.

“Just the creation of an early quality environment is an important issue for daily operations and the successful functioning of a company or any organization, regardless of whether you are a director who works on the 40th floor of Wall Street or you’re digging channels for pipes in the heat of the Middle East – as a leader you create a great workplace so that you respect your employees, treat them fairly and identify yourself as a credible person” stated Zrinka Lovrenčić from Great place to Work.

According to the Great Place to Work Institute, companies hire people to create a process which results in the creation of wealth. In exchange for their work and services rendered, employees receive adequate compensation. Wages are only a tangible aspect of employment which carry the company and represent an important hygienic factor.

Assuming that the pay is fair, it is not the only factor that contributes to the feeling of satisfaction. Employees must feel like they contribute to something more significant than just daily tasks, they want to feel empowered and receive feedback on their work. They also need to know which options are available to them – this is extremely important to the generation of young workers known as Generation Y or millennials. They believe that the expansion of responsibilities further enhance their resumes rather than just titles.