9th Weekend Media Festival is finshed

The large concert of Ljetno kino powered by Jägermeister closed the 9th edition of the Weekend Media Festival. The old tobacco factory in Rovinj hosted 156 speakers and over 4,000 media, marketing and PR professionals. The largest regional media and communications event hosted over 400 students and over 550 accredited journalists. Weekend was held under the general sponsorship of Adris grupa.

“The ninth edition of the festival was amazing, we raised the bar for ourselves, which makes it a great run for the jubilee 10th edition next year”, concluded festival director Tomo Ricov.

tomo ricov i nikola vrdoljak

In the intense days, the Weekend Media Festival has yet again defined key trends and challenges in the communication and media industry. Consumers are swamped with content on all platforms and the biggest challenge for advertisers and the media is how to create quality and effective content and reach their target audience.

„We purposely had panels on programmatic advertising, native advertising and consumer habits. We brought teenagers on the stage for the first time which happened to be a great idea. They were honest and brilliant and they also told us that Facebook is lame and not as „in“ as we thought“ said Nikola Vrdoljak, program director.

nikola v i tomo r

The American sports talent hunter Shawn Pecas Costner openned the festival with a surprise announcement that he is scouting for NBA talents in Croatia. He stated that the American dream is attainable anywhere in the world through hard work. Another large star, the futurist Gary Whitehill thinks it is key to catch creative energy and fuse it together with the right technology in order to make a change.

HT’s President of the Board, Davor Tomašković caused great interest and spoke about his education and the way he built his career in various industries. „Technical knowledge can be easily overcome. The right attitude and approach to work is harder to learn“ concluded Tomašković

There was similar subject on the „Education and the future“ panel. Boris Jokić, former leader of the complete curricular reform noted that Croatia has been stagnant in the past 26 years, schools are still from the industrial era, and the student coming out of them are behind their peers from other countries.

BalCannes announced the best projects and agencies in the region. The title of best BalCannes agency was taken by Pristop from Slovenia, and the best project was „Men all over the world are crying“ by Studio Sonda. The fourth year in a row, the best digital works were also announced. With a total of 130 aplications in nine categories, SoMo Borac is established as one of the leading regional digital awards. This year, the twenty memebers of the jury rated the best Facebook pages, digital campaigns, web pages, mobile applications and works on all other digital platforms.

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