Our Daily Agrokor

Subota 23/09/2017 10:00
Summerhouse Stage

The Agrokor crisis has marked all aspects of business, politics and communication in Croatia in this year. The crash of the largest regional company, the arrival of consultation star Antonio Alvarez, the formation of Lex Agrokor, the departure of the Todorić family, the naming of Ante Ramljak as a trustee, the communication of their largest suppliers, the conduct of banks – every step was followed with detail and attention. What was the communication like, what could have been better, how the media behaved and what we learned from the entire case? We will analyze the entire communications aspect of the Agrokor case at the Weekend Media Festival.


Violeta Colić

Communications Office Colić, Laco and Partners, managing partner (Croatia)

Gojko Drljača

Jutarnji list, Deputy Chief Editor (Croatia)

Ivan Hrstić

N1 TV/ Večernji list, Producer and Presenter / Columnist (Croatia)

Krešimir Macan

Manjgura, General Manager (Croatia)


Mislav Togonal

HRT, Journalist and Editor (Croatia)