House of Cards

Petak 22/09/2017 15:30
Summerhouse Stage

The Agrokor crisis, Serbian elections and conflicts in Macedonia are just some of the events that have stirred up the debate on the state of free press in the region. This global theme is very heated due to demands of a couple of Gulf nations towards Qatar, to shut down Al Jazeera, the only global media outlet from the Arab world. Reporters without borders claim that the freedom of press is worsening. In over 60% of countries, the Reporters without borders media freedom level is declining. What is the influence of politics and business on the media? Do businesses use advertising budgets to influence the media? Do public companies serve politics to apply pressure towards media outlets? Are the regional media houses censored? Does the media use its influence to extort politics or businesses? Are journalists sticking to their professional ethics?


Edhem Fočo

Aljazeera Network, CEO (Bosnia and Hezegovina)

Slobodan Georgiev,

Vreme / BIRN, Journalist, Investigator, Commentator / Activist (Serbia)

Ksenija Kardum

Nova TV, Head of News Programming (Croatia)

Zoran Šprajc

RTL Croatia, Editor and Anchor of RTL Direkt (Croatia)


Hrvoje Krešić

N1 Television, Journalist (Croatia)