Communication in Healthcare

Petak 22/09/2017 11:15
Laboratory Stage

The entire Western world's healthcare financing model is experiencing problems. As the population grows older, the model of intergenerational solidarity is threatened. The number of patients is on the rise, which makes it hard for the healthcare system to follow. In this moment, the best chance of uplifting the capacities and efficacy lies in digitalization. As in other segments, healthcare is also digitalizing its communication. Who are the leaders in healthcare digital communication, what are their solutions in Croatia, the region or even the world? How can we digitalize a system within regulatory restrictions? How can we improve communication between healthcare employees, and between doctors and patients? You can find out more on healthcare communication at this year's Weekend Media Festival or at


Mihael Furjan

Pliva Croatia, Chairman of the board (Croatia)

Anita Galić

Croatian Pharmaceutical Society, Representative (Croatia)

Dubravko Kičić

Bicro BIOCentre - Biosciences Technology Commercialisation and Incubation Centre, CEO & President of the Board (Croatia)

Igor Pavleković

Microsoft Croatia, Account Technology Strategist (Croatia)


Mladen Kovaček

HIT konferencija, CEO (Croatia)