Don’t Stop Me Now

Subota 23/09/2017 15:30
Weekend Stage

Growth is in every company's nature. We all want to outgrow our borders and our market and move on. We want to lead complex projects, tackle big strategies and work with a plethora of brands. We have brought the CEOs of the best companies in their segments to tell us how to make that a reality. How to manage company growth? What are the criteria of successful brand management and media on the local market, and how do they differ on the regional and global level? How can we understand consumers on multiple markets? How to set up regional communication, marketing and media strategies? What is the structure of marketing in large regional companies? Are regional markets still the „first “markets for a company breakthrough?


Ram Addanki

BAT, General Manager (Adria cluster)

Mihailo Janković

Nectar Group, CEO (Serbia)

Marin Pucar

Podravka, Chairman of the Board (Croatia)

Jovan Stojanović

Direct Media, Managing Director (Serbia)


Petar Pereža

Nova TV, News Host (Croatia)