Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Neighbors, but Were Afraid to Ask

Subota 23/09/2017 12:30
Nordics Exposed Stage

The name of the panel is paraphrasing the infamous movie title: “Everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask”. This panel will basically be a humorous and open conversation about the good and bad sides of neighbors, in which the N1 News Director from one country will ask questions to panelists from other countries. The themes will vary from politics and history, nationalism, satire and the media, tourism etc.…Humorous, provocative and lucid panelists, known in the entire region, will guarantee an interesting and attractive discussion about the “neighborhood” brand.


Dragoljub Mićko Ljubičić

Writer, Actor and Satirist (Serbia)

Damir Nikšić

Engaged Artist and Political Satirist (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Dragoljub Draža Petrović

Danas, Editor in Chief and Columnist (Serbia)

Srđan Puhalo

Political Analyst and Social Psychologist (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Borna Sor

Newsbar, Author (Croatia)

Domagoj Zovak

Newsbar, Author (Croatia)


Jugoslav Ćosić

N1 TV, News Director (Serbia)


Tihomir Ladišić

N1 TV, News Director (Croatia)


Amir Zukić

N1 TV, News Director (BiH)