Life in Duopoly Times

Petak 22/09/2017 13:00
Summerhouse Stage

Advertising profits of two global giants have reached incredible heights: Google has become larger than the total global print industry, while Facebook nearly overtook all radio media in the world. Print media profits have marked a drastic fall in the past few years, while their online versions still struggle with replacing their losses. We are currently witnessing many media attempting to transform and find a new functional business model. With a couple of exceptions, it is difficult to find a convincing example that would serve as an industry role-model. Is there a future for the media? What are the consequences of breaking down the wall between advertising and journalism? Is journalism disappearing with new business models? Have Google and Facebook become monopolies?


Miran Pavić

Telegram Media Grupa, CEO (Croatia)

Boris Trupčević

Styria, General Manager for Croatia (Croatia)

Marko Stjepanović, Editor In Chief (Serbia)


Nikola Vrdoljak

404, Director (Croatia)