How Mobile Photography Changes Media Environment

Petak 22/09/2017 11:15
Weekend Work Space

Photographers of today are challenged as they never have been before. The imaging industry increasingly requires them to have a wide ranging skill set, combining technical proficiency and creativity. Aleš Bravničar, famous Slovenia photographer, also one of the 100 official Playboy photographer will show his retrospective work, explain the fast moving pace of the photography business today, blurring the borders between traditional cameras and smartphones and present his everyday workflow with the Huawei technologies. Ćiril Komotar is famous Slovenia vlogger, reaching 50.000 views in his daily vlogs. His tools are 4 Huawei devices. If you are interesting in how he is able to manage his succes do not miss his vlog to be presented on the stage.


Aleš Bravničar

Photographer (Slovenia)

Ciril Komotar

Vlogger (Slovenia)